Recycling is a beautiful, earth friendly way to link the past with the future and that’s why we chose to revamp a vintage vehicle for our dream machine. Teardrop trailers were first created by upcycling metal from manufacturing aircrafts and tanks for World War II! We painstakingly refurbished this piece of living history to be a taco mobile, conserving its midcentury features.

The Milwalke Taco Mobile is ready to hit the road and deploy tacos to the people!
Make your next gathering an extra special, truly unforgettable fiesta! All you need to do is invite your family and amigos. The Milwalke Taco Mobile arrives and takes care of the rest. Imagine your next graduation party, family reunion, wedding, or work picnic with our tasty tacos and tempting tequila-infused concoctions.

Please contact us to save your date and create a personalized party plan for your big day. Dale!

So, what’s in our name?

The Menomonee, Ojibwe, and Potawatomi people first called the Milwaukee area “Manawauky”, which means “gathering place” or “good land”. The correct pronunciation was lost in translation by waves of European settlers. By the early 19th century, the city was known as Miliwaki, Milawakee, Milwaki, Milwaukee, Milwalky, Milwauk, Milwogues, Melecki, (our personal favorite) Milwacky, Wilakie, Willawaky, Miskoumina, and many more! We chose the name Milwalke Taco Mobile to honor the rich history and diversity of the community where we first started. We’re excited to now be serving the Lake Country area!